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Alternative forms for an entity based on user ownership

Hi. Long time no post!

In dynamics CRM, according to policies of your business, you can restrict users access to records using security role feature. For example a user can see only opportunities she/he owns. By at some points, some sales people need to have basic information about the business accounts they interact with, they want to know if the account already bought a product from the company or not. The easiest solution is ask the record owner, and the owner would tell the expert/salse person only detiails that is not considered secure.

But this solution causes lot of time waste. There is a feature in Dynamics CRM forms that you can define alternative forms. These forms could be seen by all roles or only specific roles. In out scenario, We want to users see to kind of forms, based on their ownership for the record. If the salesperson own the record she can see all details, if not alternate form is rendered to her. Is it achievable using a code like the following on form load event:


		         var currentFormId = Xrm.Page.ui.formSelector.getCurrentItem();

           $.each( Xrm.Page.ui.formSelector.items.get(),function(index,item){
                  if (item.getLabel()=="New Form Name" && currentFormId.getLabel()!="New Form Name")

It works fine! yes in first load of the form. But when forms redirect tho alternative for, from that moment, if you want to open another record of that type, CRM will use the last loaded form type, I meant if you are the owner you will see the alternate version. I inspected the loaded scripts and saw an amazing behavior. The script I binded to main form event load, was not loaded for the alternative one. Although in alternative form propeties I could see that the scipt bind for load event was there!

So in alternative form properties, I removed the corresponding script and bind it again and it worked! So I could redirect user correctly based on condition.